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corruption perceptions index.

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is a rough metric for political and corporate corruption created by Transparency International (TI), a German anti-corruption NGO Each year, TI releases a score ranging from 0 to 100 for each country. Low scores correspond to high levels of corruption, and vice versa. Corruption is broadly defined as misuse of public power for private gain.

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a map of a future middle east.

The Middle East today consists of nations carved out by the French and British following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I. Under the Ottomans, local rulers operated with considerable autonomy, and their subjects lacked any sense of political cohesion or nationalism. When the French and British took over, the states they formed were parcelled out to aristocrats who supported them along sectarian lines that they thought politically useful.

The Child Soldier Prevention Act of 2008 was passed to block the arms sales to any government, paramilitary, or other group that used child soldiers in any capacity, including non-combat roles. Built within the law is the power for the president to determine at his discretion whether to waive restrictions for any country that is documented using child soldiers.

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the filibuster in us history.

The filibuster is a parliamentary procedure where someone, rather than use speaking time to contribute to a debate on some legislation before a vote, speaks interminably so that the debate never concludes and the legislative body runs out of time to get to a vote. This practice occurs in legislatures where bills expire when deadlines are not met and where legislators where members have unlimited time to speak, and it is a powerful tool to shutter debate on specific issues or even drive the functioning of a body to a halt.

Drones, the centerpiece of President Obama’s counter-terrorism operations, are often advertised as new, precise, even surgical means of combating belligerents and terrorists in the Middle East. To date, attack drones have been deployed in Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and apart from the occasional embarrassingly blunderous civilian killings and their consequences, they are lauded as a new method of thwarting terrorists and minimizing collateral damage.

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about this site.

This site functions mostly as an information aggregator, compiling noteworthy reports, publications, articles, projects, guides, anime, etc. with some original content. To find you here, out of all the other places on the internet, is quite a surprise. Welcome.

Random numbers, while impossible to generate algorithmically, can approximated rather closely. While rigorous analysis of exactly how close any approximations are and what shortcomings exist are a matter of ongoing research, the current body of knowledge on the subject is quite immense. Take this paper as a starting point.

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trump and the other republicans.

Yes, Trump is a blowhard, but so what? Is he using his quasi-populist appeal to advocate things that are uniquely dangerous to the nation or the political establishment? Are his policies substantially different from his Republican rivals? There is no better place to investigate that than the recent August Republican debate.